Tsitsi Masiyiwa

Tsitsi Masiyiwa is an African philanthropist and social entrepreneur, who has devoted much of her life to empowering disadvantaged children through education and the harnessing of technology to create employment opportunities for young people.

She is founder and co-chair of the Higherlife Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has invested in expansion of access to education, sending tens of thousands of children to school in Central and Southern Africa over the last eighteen years. Masiyiwa co-founded Muzinda Hub, an entrepreneurship and innovation project based in Zimbabwe. Muzinda is an incubator lab for youth digital skills development and business mentorship that leverages technology to promote youth entrepreneurship.

Masiyiwa has dedicated her life’s work to orphaned and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Burundi and South Africa, covering their educational costs, from basic education and carrying them through to college and vocational training. She has also been involved in identifying and nurturing young talent by selecting hundreds of gifted African students, and offering them scholarships through high school to university, including leading universities such as Yale, Harvard and Oxford.

Her efforts in promoting the use of technology to provide access and empowerment of children through education led to the creation of Ruzivo, a free online learning resource covering the key primary school syllabus modules in Zimbabwe. Piloted in Zimbabwe, Ruzivo provides critical access to hundreds of thousands of children through Higherlife Foundation’s Learning Hubs spread around the country.

Masiyiwa sits on the boards of the END Fund and the African Philanthropy Forum. She is also a founding member of the African Philanthropy Forum.